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The Snow Queen


A classic tale by Hans Christian Andersen set to the music of Archangelo Corelli and danced in a narrated ballet by larger than life puppets.

Hans Christian Andersen's The Snow Queen

is a tale about two friends who are not brother and sister, but are just as fond of each other as if they had been. When the boy Kay catches a sliver of the demon’s magic mirror in his eye, he sees everything in the world as bad and twisted. Fascinated by the beauty of the Snow Queen, he goes with her to her palace in the far frozen north. Gerde searches the world over to find her friend, and has several adventures along the way. With the help of a well-meaning crow, a rowdy robber girl, a wise reindeer, and a map from the Finland woman, she makes her way to the Snow Queen’s Palace. 




Our adaptation of this beloved tale has appeared in major performing arts centers across the country, including: The Brooklyn Academy of Music, Texas A & M, The Folger Shakespeare Library in Washington, D.C., The New Jersey Performing Arts Center in Newark, The Luther Burbank Center for the Arts, and The Center East Performing Arts Center in Skokie, IL.