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Some Reviews from Schools, Parents, and Sponsors




The students and staff of Tall Pines Nursery School have had the unique opportunity to watch the members of the Hudson Vagabond Puppets cast rehearse and perform several dress rehearsals.  The children were amazed at the transformation of each character and the stories being told were always captivating to them.  The shows have tied into our curriculum, such as The Life Cycle of the Butterfly, which helped the children to understand what we were learning in school.


The staff and students at Tall Pines found the shows so entertaining and educational that they have attended several shows with their families and look forward to attending more in the future.



Diane Kayser, Director, Tall Pines Nursery School, Pearl River, New York



Excellent with no need for improvement. Such a wonderful show! So age-appropriate: cultural, educational, and entertaining. We loved it! The group was fantastic, the children’s attention was held from beginning to end. The explanation of the puppet workings was an added plus. A wonderful experience for children and teacher. It is a terrific introduction to theater and music. The children had a great time.


Teachers and Students, East Elementary School in Brentwood, New York



I spoke with the students after the performance and they loved the puppets. Some comments were "How did he eat the leaf? The ladybug popped its wings out! Big frog, bird, spider, beetle, chrysalis into butterfly - GREAT! (I'm putting a few comments together here.)"  This is a very useful performance for us - we study about the life cycle of the meal worm in first grade - a complete metamorphosis. So having the students see the butterfly cycle and hear the vocabulary is a great enhancement to what we do in the classroom.


Thank you for coming - the children are always excited by your performances!

Lori Berube, 1st grade teacher, William O Schaefer Elementary School, So. Orangetown School District, New York



The Cherry Lane Earth Day finale play by the sixth grades was an exemplary interdisciplinary project which connected ecology and the environment with mythology, drama, arts and crafts, and writing. The project was an excellent child-centered, authentic learning experience which connected the students' life experience and curriculum work. This project could not have achieved success without your encouragement, coordination and inspiration. These students will remember this for the rest of their lives. Our students' love of learning and, in particular, their interest in the environment and mythology, was enhanced by your skillful master teaching. Congratulations on a great job! Great teaching!


Roseanne E. Needleman, Principal, Ramapo Central School District, New York






Thank you so much for a fabulous cold mid-winter-break performance at the theater in Irvington. My daughter (age 3) has not been exposed to theatre or dance or puppetry. Her brother (12) got all that as we gallivanted around the city in the late 90's early 2000's. So here we were stuck at home in suburbia when we got a notice from a friend about your performance of Jemima Puddleduck and the Bad Fierce Rabbit....Off we went! My daughter was transfixed and her mother (me) was amazed at the quality of the production, the puppetry, the dance, the interaction with the youthful audience. I look forward to following your troupe around Westchester in future years!


Thank you so much.

Beth Propper Rubin



This morning I went with my son’s first grade class to, “The Life Cycle of the Butterfly,” at the Portsmouth Music Hall in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. It was a wonderful and amazing experience and I wanted to thank you for your creativity, good writing, and artistry. I know the children enjoyed it immensely (because I kept looking at their faces) and even better, I believe they understood it well enough to reflect on it afterwards. It was instructionally valuable, artistically appealing, and altogether an adventure in theater-going.

My son and I intend to find some milkweed for our garden. Thank you so much for such a wonderful performance.



Maureen Donnelly



Last Saturday, my 9 year old daughter and I attended the production of The Snow Queen. It was delightful, really outstanding. The puppets were incredible with such presence! The music was melodic, beautiful; a rare treat these days. The troop kept the pace moving but not in any way hectic; they told this strange tale in simple, easy to understand language. The demonstration of the puppets was great fun as well as instructional. The cast was up-beat; their positive energy was contagious.


-Jan Rogoski

Centre East Performing Arts Center, Skokie, IL.



My family and I just saw the Mammoth Follies at the Keswick Theatre in Glenside, PA.  This is actually the second time we saw it there and my son just absolutely LOVES this show.  You deserve major laud for this production.  To bring dinosaurs to life on stage in the educational and ingenious way you do is a Mammoth achievement!

I have one question, which I'm sure you get all the time.  Is the music of this production available on CD, or this the production itself available on VHS or DVD for purchase?  I truly hope so!!



Peter Gagliardi





Really enjoyed the butterfly show we attended this month at the Al. Ringling Theater in Baraboo, Wisconsin - Educational, entertaining, creative, and held the kids' attention. Cool backdrops! Super job! Would have enjoyed a little demonstration of the different styles of puppetry used at the end of the program.


Hope you come back to our area next year!

Catherine Zellmer, Baraboo, WI



It was a joy to experience "Butterfly" and we had a houseful! Your productions are so exquisite and smart-- a great time was had by all!


-Karen McHugh
The Children's Theatre of Winston-Salem



Detroit Festival of the Arts

I got to see the new show (Butterfly: the Story of a Life Cycle) and loved it.   It was clever, creative, fun, and the songs and dancing were great.  You guys should be proud.



Rob Falgiano, Education Director of the University of Buffalo Center for the Arts



We had two sold-out performances of children grades K-4 who sat with full attention throughout the performance. ...both students and teachers after the shows...had nothing but positive enthusiastic comments.


-Yvonne Kuhlman, Director of Campus Programming

Luther College, Decorah, Iowa



Huntington Arts Council

We do want you to know how delighted we were with the Beatrix Potter performance we hosted on March 25. The positive comments are still coming in from all directions. The show was wonderful from beginning to end and the dance demonstration was an added treat. As presenters we are always struggling with the issue of unruly audiences. But we noticed with your performance, the crowd was mesmerized! They were watching and listening very carefully and that is a dream come true for us. That is the magic of live theatre we hope to share with them. Keep doing what you do! Today’s over entertained kids need what you give them.


-Suzanne Loverdi, Lansdale AAUW-Curtain Time for Kids