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Booking Information


Hudson Vagabond Puppets - Performances


Our company travels in a large passenger van, and loads in to the theater generally 2 hours prior to the opening of house. Our shows run approximately one hour, and load-out takes about one hour, so we will be in and out of your theater within a 5-hour period.

Ample wing space is required for all of our shows, however, we are flexible enough to adapt to a variety of situations. Each show includes a lecture-demonstration describing the techniques used to tell the story. We will provide a study guide with the signed contract which includes lessons and activities for students and teachers prior to attending the show.


We will also provide a technical rider detailing the specific needs required for this performance. Color photos are provided as well.


Price Guidelines


HVP's prices are determined by the show, the number of performances in one day, the distance traveled from the Tappan Zee Bridge, and whether we need to stay overnight. Please call or e-mail us directly for a quote.


Also note, when booking more than one day consecutively, prices will be significantly reduced. For overnight stays, we ask the sponsor to pay for the cost of hotel, often sponsors can get a reduced rate on local hotels. Depending on the show, we may need either 2 or 3 rooms during our stay. Other than hotel costs, the fee includes all transportation and publicity costs incurred by HVP, including per diem for our performers.